A Winters Tale!
Page 4 – Spraying it - and Other Bits ‘n Bobs

Fiddling with an FZX750


Now that the mucky bits are out of the way, it’s time for the re-spray.  The colour I want is a dark blue metallic, so I popped off down to the local auto paint supplier to get some nice cellulose paint and primer……..Problem!  I’ve not sprayed anything for a while, so it came as a bit of a shock to learn that cellulose is no longer available, “It’s being phased out” I was told by the nice man in the paint shop!   They’re using up their stocks, then there will be no more apparently.  He could supply the primer, and the colour base coat in Cellulose from stock,  but not the clear lacquer – that would have to be 2 x pack. Beggars can’t be choosers, so I took a tin of the metallic blue, (Toyota Mica Pearl Metallic) some primer and clear coat 2 pack and got to work.

The existing paintwork on the bike wasn’t too bad so it didn’t take long to get it rubbed down and de-greased ready for the primer. There didn’t seem to be much point in taking the tank off the bike, it could be done easily with it in-situ.   Besides that the tank was full to brim with fuel so I didn’t fancy draining it!


Above: the tank rubbed down ready for primer and masked up

Below: primer coats



Below: base colour coats



Clear lacquer coats and Genesis logo



While the paint was hardening a new rear light was bought – the old original looked really scruffy with the nice new Paint. Another mooch about Flea bay and I found this – cheap (as in £11) but very cheerful.  It’s a load of rubbish really, I had to re-wire it when it arrived here.  The wires pass through the metal backplate with no protection whatsoever, a few miles with that and there’d be a bit of fuse blowing going on!


To fit the new rear light, a backplate had to be made. I wanted to make a little “cubby hole” under the seat to carry a few tools and a puncture outfit in.  Shortly after buying the bike, I’d removed that horrible rear mudguard thing, but in doing so the bottom of the area behind the rear light also disappeared because the mudguard went right under the seat, making a kind of little floor area.  At the time, I made up another floor thing out of some thin brushed alloy, so now that could be utilised as part of my master plan!

Below:  after removing the original rear mudguard shortly after buying the bike, and the fitting of the replacement underseat bit


Below: making up the plates for holding the new rear light.  The first plate which will make up the back of the little storage space.


Below: the second plate which brings the light further back into it’s correct position. By the way, don’t look for that bar at the back on standard FZX, it was made and put there to hold the number plate after the original mudguard was removed.


 Below: The new (slightly smaller) number plate


 Below: the little storage area under the seat cowl, just big enough for a few tools and a puncture outfit.


 A bit of spit in ‘ polish on the engine and that’s it all done!



That just about wraps up everything for now, although there will be more mods to the bike in future I’m sure – this kind of thing is never actually finished is it?  Question is now, what do I do next?


To see the pictures of the bike finished in detail, click on me  


Tarrah fer now!

Luvs hugs an’ kisses