Gilly's Bike

Hell as this been a painful carry on!

Attempt # one!

a1 a2

Started to build the bike only to discover the frame I bought was seriously bent


After delivering the frame to STRTRIGHRT for straightening I spotted the below frame on ebay ......which saved me £200!

So attempt 2



OK, I've had to start from scratch on the bike build thing, as the original bent frame was going to cost £200 to straighten. In the mean time this frame came up on e-bay, which I bought for £4.99!!!!!

it's straight and as plates and full although clouded history



Although it was as rusty as buggery, an afternoons worth of grinding ensued



Anyway a lick of Hamerite and the build finally kicks off!!......I'm now just starting to realise how much there is to do here. Please note the XJR swing arm and it was supposed to be a XJR wheel but turns out to be a FZR 750 wheel but it will do, it needs a good clean, this will come later...

Just a note with the above I had to use a YZF750 break hanger to get the right caliper coverage on the disc as the standard XJR was too long, again this had a slight problem as the spindle hole on the hanger was 27mm diam so I had to make a reducer sleeve out of a drilled out 13/16th socket worked a treat

Gilly 10

Engine in and a few bits added...starting to look like a bike..

I have lets say 99% of the parts needed to build this bike...the thing that slows it down is I have very little of the fixings. Which means every time I pull a part from one of the tubs you see in the back ground, there is the cleaning and polishing process to go through then the fixing identification process...then it's a trip to the local bolt & nut shop for the parts...this bike should be finished by summer...not sure yet which summer!


Currently polishing the clutch casing...I want it to look a bit bling!

A bit of work done the end of last summer, as my painting facilities are quite primitive and require to be done outside whilst the weather is good. A little restoration work on the tank cover, this is the one I damaged when I came last year.


Ok the wiring loom is in and most of the components marry up bar one...the indicator cluster!...ebay here we come......

Every part I have for this bike is in a box and needs a great deal of attention, the clutch slave & casing was next .

As the paint was stripped off the casing I recon the slave seal as gone but we will deal with that later!

The casing stripped for painting or polishing, put in place.......what's this this??? the Gear change shaft isn't long enough!!!!!!! .

One step forward and 2 back !

It would appear the the chap i bought the engine from took out the FZX gear change shaft out and swapped it for the FZR....(as he was doing the 1K conversion) So now have to strip the clutch out again and insert the correct part. Thankfully a pal as let me strip their spare engine to retrieve the correct part...boy am I lucky!

Anyway tomorrow the clutch will be in...and an another issue resolved.