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As for this motorcycle me `89? It is riding it is FZX to the `02. As for the time where at the beginning it starts riding race/lace just was stopped, race/lace chose FZX which would like to ride in those which are widely different completely. The trace of normal was gone finally almost, but it introduces from the process.


This is `94 time. As for the remodelling point around the front FJ1200, in the mesh hose the light/write and the stay of another body master and XJR400, the semi rise handle, original work B/S and KERKER フルエキ, the original fender less, swing arm `90 TZR and the rear foil, the rear brake `90FZR400RR and ray down, with the place where you say. In addition as for this time gradually awaking in running, be too long the swing arm did not bend and the repugnance umbrella had done.
As for this `96 time. In addition the companions and it becomes many to go to play in the circuit. In combination also with the motorcycle to that, it changes. Surroundings the front `89FZR400 and ヤマハブレンボ, the `90FZR400RR front fender, around the rear the swing arm `90 FZR of the め 400 RR, in the rear suspension オーリンズフルアジャスト for the zepher of the long め, the height rising shortly with this, it meaning that angle of the rear suspension and the swing arm becomes hard, you have stopped ray down. As for the muffler フルエキ for FZ of the S1R poison, as for the cowl the NK race/lace cowl for XJR400 of RC Koshien, in combination also with position to circuit travelling, low コンチハン, original one off B/S, it is easy to hold the seat in the arrival sitting position position before and in rear, the sea urchin sponge is added. The color tried making clearly the silver. So of still it was riding taste Don ill-smelling カンジ.
As for this time of the `97 which enters in a state where considerably it is close to last type. Persevering, it tried making the work scalar of the `96. The steering wheel the っ ちゃ っ it is in セパハン. F around in TRX the fender of `90FZR400RR. Gradually, it reached the point where it bends from the front, but height and balance of the caster/trail did not come off, was bothered in terrible ウォブル.


It is `02 specification. It became the racer っ ぽ く with it does considerably in the habit of FZX, the ょ. Body attitude モディファイ doing many degrees, it reaching the point where considerably it turns from the front, also ウォブル went out. For the present, when such as completion. Summer of the `02 in the Hayasaka player 惜 譲. To tell the truth we has not run the circuit in this state is regret....
As for the ↓ engine the STD engine becomes tired considerably and the ちゃ っ is being in FZ750 conversion. This one setting of the cam condition is better than at high speed. As for the cab with those which are attached before the race/lace 1 week of `00, that time it was the setting め ちゃ oral ゃ, but now it is perfect. You use with the race/lace of YZF with the thing, processing スピゴッド, you install this.
At the time of ↑ circuit travelling removing the side stand, the bracket of frame side rubbing, because it had been troubled, resigning, ardently the っ ちゃ っ it is. As for attaching newly for R6. In addition, adjusting to the regulation of race/lace, installing the under cowl. Yamaha to seem it is delustering black.
Being badgered by ↑ `03 Hayasaka, the tandem step which it made. Diverting one for 3XV.
Corresponding to the ↓ gradually changing in front steering, also step was from before. Diverting this, B/S for XJR400 which has rolled. You acquired also master to the plate, but the heel hitting, being to be the disturbance you reset to the position of STD.
Being badgered by Hayasaka in the ↑ `03, the fender which it made less. Very simple.
Combining also height adjustment in the ↑ seat, it tried pasting the dimple rubber of TZ. Slide て サイコー.
The ↓ handle in the past コワース was used, but it droops and angle does not like, exchanges to the genuine of 3MA. As for meter XJR400R? Being very lightweight, visibility it does not rub, first. Also the headlight similarly XJR. The stem as for the photograph has become early ones of FZR1000, but presently it has become those of TRX.
The ↑ foil ドゥオーモ for XJR1200, almost in this package volt/bolt on. As for front fork those of unusual thunder cat.
↑ rear foil ドゥオーモ for XJR1200. This fitting was serious. As for chain in 520 modification. As for rear suspension in one for zepher of オーリンズ 20mm long ended eye.
After transferring to the tar cell, such a it is っ ちゃ it was. However the bean jam ball it does not change, section upgrading, it increases entire impression.
Getting the accident car of the thunder ace about of travelling 6000 km! With being the case that it is said, it is start of job. So this time exactly it was the motorcycle season commencement っ て can じ, it is, don't you think?? .
<- Temporarily from the frame it depends on job. Because as for FZX the coolant is passing through the frame, doing メクラ, it tried trying to pass through outside. Also the side stand grazes and it is っ ちゃ う and in order for the removal to be possible, you remodel!
-> Doing the paint of frame processing and the frame, when it placed the engine of the thunder ace, we asked the one off of the muffler to the Kanagawa monster. This oven is time was required. Also season was the feeling which the end extremely is said the time where it returns. That taking meet within づ year we would like making ride, you thought and the cancer you made っ ちゃ う thing. After you just say that so mount position of the engine is same, almost one off. It keeps stumbling everyday is.
<- Swing arm thunder ace. Obtaining pivot width? At a time the っ and certain left and right 3.5 mm cutting, because the foil originally is for XJR1200, without being troubled so, it is good, but it is, therefore the shaft which it does the thunder with 28 pies XJR 20 pies if adjusting there, it is excuse. Also the geta of the rear shock pulling the very careful plan, examining, decided the position front and back. As for chain and sprocket this in machine from 520 in 530 modification. It becomes touring main and also power rises markedly, die. As for the strange plate under the swing arm preparation in order to appear in race/lace. Me it is handmade.
As for ↑ tandem step those of 3XV. The stay of frame side of course one off. In addition to the battery, the supplemental devices and the harness and the like originally like this the っ け which is? With the extent which is made to think it was settled clearly. Such place most the place where you suffer hardship but what the taking in まっ ちゃ something the rear of the hardship is not visible and uninformed the て just a little does also the lonesome air.
<- Side stand completion. As for bracket and stand the diversion of R6. Frame side covering the renforcing plate, welding the pipe of 10 mm screw holes. Quarrying out from the frame of JOG, it welds メクラ of the water line. As for the side stand when to leap, in order not to become the disturbance of shifting, paying attention, it is positioned.
-> ラヂエター thunder. As for fan just 1 use. This and positioning and the stay, in addition the routing and the hose of the hose you should have used what and so on, the place where you are troubled. When it has been attached to ラヂエター っ て strange position, therefore those where the motorcycle is visible slovenly unless you pay attention, don't you think?.
As for the ↑ cab using from before, る FCR. When it is the engine before, position is bad, but time was required for removal and re-installation, when it is this engine, just a little position changing, maintainability is good. As for water pipe under cab the kit part of RC SUGO. Don't you think? the engine of the thunder ace cab set is unique. With the snap of the throttle setting is recognized and rides in any case from the づ leprosy and verifies.
-> To take the stem for づ XJR. The ほ it is with it was the schedule which is made with one off, but budget and just a little it becomes dangerous and/or the fork puts out, can go for XJR if this the stem shaft that way and with っ て thing. So the offset does not like, it is as for this which is. But 35 mm what we would like to use mm, it is, don't you think?. Well and among those.
From here picture of completion car
As for the ↑ ド lively front fork not saying also the black color is sale in the オーリンズ '05 which can be known. Diverting the brake disk TZ250. The caliper - this time to take the づ genuine products.
Diverting the stay of 3MA to the bottom stay of ↑ ラヂエター. The hose after all midway the joint. Those of the length which reaches that way were not found.
As for ↑ master cylinder ブレンボ 19/18, as for lever ant lion. Throttle ant lion. The brake hose with stain made the T letter. As for トップブリッヂ ワークスクオリティ and handle stem ant lion. As for steering wheel bar carbon pitch of ダサダサ. As for meter while it is before XJR400R? Wiring it adjusts it is serious. Rear fixed turn reed unevenness temperature meter.
↑ As for step half one off. Diverting B/S of of the over for XJR1200, producing the baseplate with one off, it tried to be able to modify position. Step and the pedal similarly tried using black with those of over. Shift pattern of course opposite shift.
Around the ↑ rear, such feeling and the muffler just a little being elegant, are the smart feeling. As for the rear brake the MOS caliper - the torque rod of one off, the caliper - as for the bracket with WORKS it had producing with one off. The black alumite is moderate, but シブ it is,! .