Jim's Bike

FZR1000 Engine/Bike Conversion

A few new things,
Carbon can, respray by me of course, polished clutch & brake master cylinders and levers black.
Wheels brembo front discs R1 calipers, prolite rear disc.
More stainless nuts bolts etc, starting to run out of things to do so I might start looking for a rough FZX as a new project.







Job done



I bought the standard tired fzx750 a few months ago and like'd it alot strange for me i normally go for big twins and have been riding a guzzi le mans for years, now sold as is my laverda 750. I think my wrist can't take it anymore,but that is what 30yrs of riding will do!


Anyway saw a fzr1000 import cheap, so drove down to Bristol in the van loaded up and home again. Out with the engine nice stainless micron pipe, electrics exhaust forks etc and the rest sold on ebay, I thought I would wait till winter to start the build but the gen on the fzx gave up no charge grrrr so rather than mess about I pulled the lot apart.

Frame 3

Frame with all the brackets to the powder coaters, gloss black and engine cleaned up and painted satin black with stainless fasteners. I changed the inlet manifolds to the fzx ones and I will use the fzx carbs, ok I will lose out on top end but midrange will be nice and strong (so it will only do 150mph instead of 160 like I will ever use it!)


Forks as everyone knows bolt on, not everyone knows the TDM850 top yoke drops straight on to the fzr1000 bottom yoke nice! Lock stops in the right place and alloy top and bottom yoke I cut the standard ignition mounts down on the TDM yoke so I could use the fzx ignition and standard steering lock (I hate cutting the frame for nothing).


Decided on an XJR rear end so prayed to the god of eBay and I got an XJR1300 rear arm and not the wheel bugger! but talked to a nice guy who has a Exup rear wheel with disc new tyre cushdrive etc £50 a bargain so first was to remove the brake arm lug from the bottom of the xjr arm and relocate it at the top so I can use FZR calliper and mounts etc.
Also I like the brake at the top, saw..saw weld..weld… done then fit the swing arm to the frame........."bugger someone must have decided to make late XJR13 arms wider than early ones by 6mm" so as seen on AL's? Thunderace arm drift the bearings back and cut off the excess and it fits with nice new gas shocks it looks a treat now to fit the exhaust double bugger won't fit with the center stand so I will have to wait till after I have fitted the FZR Exup wheel.

The wheel came with new tyre, sprocket, and a good disc he also gave me a caliper mount, so I put it together and it is the same width as the XJR setup bonus! only problem is the old XJR ran a 20mm rear spindle the new one is 28mm so I had to make up some sleeves that press fit inside the XJR adjusters and slide in the swingarm slots so now it all bolts up and look rather nice. I will have to strip the wheels out again to paint them at the moment I am just making it all fit together the paint can wait till the winter gets here



Fitting the FZR1000 motor is a nuts and bolts job with a little use of the hammer.  

1. The water pump needs to be changed over to the FZX one just undo the bolts and pull!

2. The gear change shaft on the FZX is longer so you have to remove the clutch and basket so the shaft can be slid out and changed over.

3.  There is no oil cooler on the FZX so you need to make two brackets to hold it.

4.  The CDI has to be changed over and three wires swapped around on the wiring plug for the CDI that is about it, no major work.

Further fiddling around, you can fit the 6 speed box from the FZX into the FZR but I didn’t bother it can take a slightly taller gearing than the FZX and pull your arms off in any top gear after all it has changed from a 75hp to 125hp engine!!!!

Oh I forgot the metal water pipes from the top hose have to be changed and the mounts are in a different place on the FRZ so I cut the FZX mounts off the FZX pipes and sliced the mounts off the FZR pipes and clamped them back on the FZX pipes with a couple of pipe clamps job done!


Cheers Jim