My Pride & Joy

We bought this bike in June 2000…..I  say we, Gill spotted the bike in an accident damaged place, flat bald back tyre, buggered fork seals…none existent test or tax

I passed the bike without a thought but Gill said "I could get my feet down on that!!"At that point I looked, they pulled it out of the dust and cobwebs!! put the keys in and turned it over, it fired up and it sounded sweet !!!

OK £900 quid well spent…

The bike in 2003 pretty much as I bought it

orig 1


orig 2

Exhaust removal...this was of the ally collers had welded itself to the steel stud, it snaped off in the end. Another shop bill!!

Ex REmove


A summer run to Blackpool.

His & Hers



A run a couple of seasons ago, when Gilly was still a confirmed biker.


In Spring 2005 after a good clean up.


The beginning of last summer


Glenn's FZX700 which was quicker than mine!!





After taking forever polishing the casing, a little over tightening

cracked the swine, cack handed as usual!


Falling Off

A nice summer Sunday morning.... a spot of a rain

and a dash diesel.....The aftermath kindly filmed by my darling wife!!

pick up

In fairness, I did pick myself up, as the tank had opened and was pissing fuel all over the place.

I lifted the bike from the right hand side, lent over and dropped the side stand... in a state of great pain!! or shock!!!


I then felt my, knee which felt wrong, bruised???or worse??? and in not the right place?? I dropped my leathers at the side of the road to discover the following.

I went a bit weak at the knee.....

The Knee !

Well don't look, you've been warned!!!

The bit that pissed me off the most was the brand new exhaust, it had been on since May



And Now.......3 Years on

FZX 2008




My FZ750


This thing was scary fast!!! Gill made me sell it!!!