XJ900 Exhaust fitted to the FZX


As a cheaper alternative to spending £500 on a Laser or Predator system, try AL’s approach

The complete XJ900 system will actually go straight on the FZX if you bend the header pipes and leave out the centre stand…..It sounds nice too.

I just put the TL1000S cans on it because they could then be lined up exactly to fit the foot rest hangers.
I think the XJR cans would be almost an exact match if you made a system this way, as they of course are curved cans almost the same as the FZX originals and would go in under the bike as well to give you a good system.

XJ 900 headers, cut off 3 inches into silencers, I had hand made bracket plates to fit silencer bolting points, plates welded onto headers.

Suzuki TL 1000 S silencers, ported out at baffle plate to allow a certain amount of straight through flow of gases.

Parts found on eBay, the whole lot cost around £40