XJR 1200 Conversion.
The complete XJR 1200 back end will bolt on to the Fazer/FZX with only a few modifications needed,
the parts used are from a 1996 model.
xjr complete (Small)
New disc, pads, wheel bearings and sprocket have been fitted, a new brake line was also needed as the original XJR one shown in the picture is too short because the FZX master cylinder is mounted higher.
It’s recently been found that the front brake disc from the FZX (use the right hand side disc because the slots are handed) will fit the XJR rear wheel...Many thanks to Dave @ http://www.oldgitbiker.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ for that great money saving bit of info.
sarm1 (Custom)
The XJR1200 swinging arm is a bit of a monster compared to the standard Fazer/FZX one but is only approx 20mm  longer.
The shock mounts are approx 30mm further back than the FZX so the shocks are inclined at more of an angle which makes the swinging arm look longer on the bike.
Anyone thinking of doing this conversion with a standard exhaust system should measure the distance between the inside of the silencers to ensure there is enough room for the swinging arm to fit!
It’s approx 36cm at the widest point.

arm width02



With a 170 width tyre there is approx 11-12mm of clearance between tyre and chain.
chain clearance (Small)02
The old chain is too short with the longer XJR swinging arm, the new chain is a 530 x 110.
short chain (Small)
A 170/60 ZR17 Bridgestone BT-014 was used to match the front tyre and a hugger fitted which has a chainguard moulded in.
back end finished (Small) (Custom)
back end right (Small) (Custom)


xjr carn brea low res (Small) (Custom)

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