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Here you will find my collection of original dealer advertising literature, reviews section with magazine articles from around the world. I have also reproduced FZX & FAZER logos. There is a well detailed service section containing PDF service documents for the FZX-FAZER 750 & 700 along with the hand book, parts fiche & electrical layouts. Plus a few bits of me & my bike ,

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The coolest FZX Dude on the Planet


His current blog site rebuild


Bob B's

Excellent Custom Chopper

Words and pictures by Bob.


Another very talented FZX trixter

Satin Black

Thanks for the web pages Satin

White's Bike


White's Bike,

Probably the first FZX with a 1000cc

Dave's Bike


The how to; full FZX referb

Words and pictures by Dave,



Dave W

Mono shock conversion, plus the rest,

Words and pictures by Dave W

AL's Bike

Thunderace swingarm on an FZX750

Words and picture by AL,

Jim's Bike FZX1000

Jim's 1K

Jim's in 1000cc conversion..

Words and pictures buy Jim.

XJ900 Exhaust


Not everyone can afford £500 to buy a new Laser or Predator exhaust system. The infamous AL came up with a slightly more affordable option which I thought worth mentioning ...Cheers AL



A well restored FZX from Italy

Seat Recovering


Seat recovering - affordable - comfy and sexy

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Seat Re -Build

Seat Build

I thought you may find it interesting to see how the seats are recovered.

FZX750 Rad Covers


NOW IN STOCK! April 2017!

Designed by me. £35.00 + postage

E-mail me info@fzx750.co.uk

Replacement Decals


Full replacement Decal sets

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This site as absolutely nothing to do with me!

I stumbled across this site a while ago and have just taken the liberty of translating the text into English using http://babelfish.altavista.com



A new addition the Clymer FZ - FZX Fazer Manual, thanks to Jason C for his contribution

Snoo's Derestriction

Derestrict the Japanese import

Words by Snoo, grubby carb pictures by me!!


1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer from Lance Watts on Vimeo.


Recent Concept Illustration, it gets my vote!!! .

Attached is a flash showing 1986 & 2010