White's Bike


Origin :
1987 FZX 750, probably the first imported in France, used for stunt demonstration at this time
(front engine mounting pieces in the front of frame broke), reinforcement of frame and at the same time
1000 FZR 1988 engine Swap in 1988 (500kms engine !) (engine exploded in 1991 when the clutch exploded with NOS (parts projected under third cylinder, engine blocked in 4 gear just after the finish line, ))
In fact, it was probably the first FZX with a 1000cc swap (No internet at this time only periodic books)




Second engine swap in 1991 for an Exup engine (this is the third complete review of this type of engine)
Bore to 1078cc, 14.5 comp ratio, Orient express copper base and head gasket,
only comp fuel when NOS, runs on normal 98 gaz+ stabilizer additive (equivalent to 100LL gaz) W/O NOS
Ported and polished head, new polished stainless valves, new beryllium guides
APE cylinders studs (modified from FJ/XJR studs)
Balanced and polished manifold and connecting rods (OEM parts)
Cams are coming from “techniprofil”, former official YZF cams for Endurance racing
Billet clutch basket (orient express welded on original YAMAHA plate, springs between cluth basket and plate are reinforced but still existing, torque damper), disks from OW01 eracing EBC, billet clutch allow +2 diks (one with ferodo+one slick)
Reinforced Billet pressure plate (), reinforced springs
5 speed gear box (the six gear box is not enough strong to accept full torque)
KEIHIN FCR41 (coming from England), plus Bosch fuel pump (0.7 bars)
One big stage of NOS in intake manifolds (NOS kit normally dedicated to cars)
Modified oil circuit (no more restrictor behind the radiators lines)
Modified water circuit
Electric circuit lightened (no more circuit for turning lights, brakes and other non useful components)


White Whites

Most of parts are coming from Peter Bossaert, Orient express racing, swizerland, Zurich or Vetsh Racing, Metz, France

Reinforced frame (around swing arm axle and behind fork)
750 GSR-R fork
1100 GSXr swing arm, modified
1300 hayabusa rear wheel (I guess)
8 cms lowered (complete bike)
20cms longer than stock
172 kgs with fuel, battery and water, W/O NOS bottle
Assessed at 170CV with out NOS

Completely Home made functional body work
(air intakes directly to the carbs)
Rear seat supports NOS bottle and electronics
Fuel tank devided in two (8 liters remaining)

This bike won drag races in 1991,2,3 in French championship
Best ET at 8.92 with 238kmh with NOS
Just below the 10 W/O NOS and street tyre
Very easy to drive on start line (light bike, low seat, good position (my own good position)
Perhaps a bit lack of power to be an actual drag bike




The biggest problem for me is people think it’s a V-max due to functional scoops
NO NO and definitvely NO, it is a FAZER, light (try to make a run with 2 x 60 kgs passengers !), drivable, with a real chain !